·   To increase awareness amongst the youth of out generation about the partition of India, and try to ensure that such an event, however traumatic, is not forgotten. Through the sharing of stories and experiences from the older generation, we hope the youth can gather a better perspective on the matter.

·   To honor those who experienced partition; to capture (on video) their thoughts and feelings as they are today, and document what they wish for us to remember as they move on from this world, so that the future generations can learn from this epic event.

·   As a first step, to hold an interactive event that will bring theses survivor stories to life, present educated viewpoints arising from a debate, and an exhibition, to help those who attend the event, take away a deeper appreciation of partition.

Non Goals

·  There is absolutely no political mission or objective intended for this project.

·  There is no desire or intention to hurt anyone’s feelings or sentiments on the issue, nor to provide a platform for anyone to preach bitterness or hatred of any sort towards anybody, or any community.

·  Nor to glorify independence or honour our freedom fighters. Most of us already know enough about this. Therefore, the project will lay minimum emphasis on the independence of India and will focus more on its negative fallout – partition  which happened simultaneously.