The Remembering Partition Event (October 24th)

Date: 24th October, 2010
Location: Indian Merchant Chambers,
E Road, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020
Time: 8.30 am to 5 pm
Dress Code: Semi formal/ Ethnic

Entrance to invitation only.

The Art and Writing Competition

Art Competition

·   The art competition requires each participant to work individually. A choice of quotes related to the partition will be handed out on the day of the competition from which one has to be selected, interpreted and expressed on paper in a unique way.

·   The participants will have to complete their work and submit it less than 4 hours.

·   The participants will be required to carry any kind of material that they may require, however the paper and paints will be provided.

·   The best 3 works will be decided by a neutral judge and rewarded accordingly


The Writing Competition

·    Each writer must bring laptop.

·    The writers at the writing competition will work individually. Each writer submits two articles.

·    The first article is much like a news report on the discussions of the first half of the day, similar to what is done by press delegates at Model United Nations Conference. A writer may select any one aspect of the event that must be approved by the committee. All articles will appear in the event’s press issue at the end of the day. (Word limit:300 words)

·    The second article is broader topic, through which a writer can bring out his/her own perspective on partition and on what he/she is learning from the event. (Word limi:350 words)

·    The writers will make an important part of the audience throughout, which will allow them to ask pertinent questions. Each writer must carry a laptop.

·    The best 3 articles of the second topic will be decided by a neutral judge and rewarded accordingly


The art and the writing competition will both end by lunch time.