The Remembering Partition Event (October 24th)

Date: 24th October, 2010
Location: Indian Merchant Chambers,
E Road, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020
Time: 8.30 am to 5 pm
Dress Code: Semi formal/ Ethnic

Entrance to invitation only.


The Discussion Format (Important for Speakers)


Discussion Format

The procedure for the discussion:

-The discussion will cover about 3 topics, each split up into a separate round. There will be one panelist for every round who introduces each topic of discussion

-Each of the speakers will get chances to speak in a revolving fashion for one minute each time his/her turn occurs. However, the moderator will have ultimate discretion in deciding which speaker speaks and for how long. He may allow a rebuttal by any side or open the discussion to questions.  Speakers may voice their opinion, emotions and support or refute others’ arguments

-Each round will begin with a minute speech by the panelist, pertinent to the topic.The panelist will act as a participant in the discussion and get an opportunity to speak during the round

-In a round, there will be 5 minutes in total for a question and answer session, which will be held at the end of every round, where the audience will get to participate 

- At the end of each round, our team will note down a summarized, neutral statement of the important points and issues brought up as well as the general consensus (if any) to consolidate the productive discourse in each round


- A few partition survivors may tell their stories in between the rounds of discussion

We must emphasize on brevity and conforming to time constraints before the debate, the moderator may use a bell to signal that a speaker’s time is up. He may ring it repeatedly at 15-second intervals if the speaker continues once time has elapsed.        

One speaker per school

There will be 12 schools from all over Mumbai participating in the event. Each school will send 1 speaker. Each speaker will be assigned one single round. Thus there will be 4 speakers per round.

The role of the panelist:

The panelist will introduce his/her respective topic. He will then act as a participant in the discussion with the purpose of guiding the speakers, inspiring ideas and bringing up pertinent points. He will be open to questions from the audience.     

The following discussion topics are relevant:

1) Was partition necessary at the time?

2) Are the scars of this tragedy permanent? Will they loom over our nations forever?

3) Partition: Has it proven to be a solution or a problem?

For research, the following should be relied on:

-Impartial sources

-Foreign historians

-Going beyond textbooks and school curricula

Refer to the Study Guide for further information.