About Us


The Remembering Partition project was conceived and is executed by us students, with the help of the NGO, Citizens for Peace. It has provided a platform for the project. We have also tied up with Citizens Archive of Pakistan, located in Karachi.


The Remembering Partition Team

The idea of “remembering partition” was formulated late last year by Ria Mirchandani, and a team of highly committed teenagers came together this year to make it a reality. We consist of students from Cathedral, JB Petit, Ambani, as well as HR and Jai Hind colleges.

We are: Ria Mirchandani, Zara Rustomji, Kunal Mehta, Niyati Mahimtura, Shawn Wadia and Raghav Sawhney.

Together, we have thought through the event specifics, our long term plans; we have raised funds, conducted several interviews of partition survivors. We have also reached out to eminent personalities for feed back and support and we have established a link in Pakistan.

We strongly believe in our cause-that partition, though a tragic event of our history cannot be forgotten by our generation and those to come. We want to spread awareness amongst our peers about the importance of this event so we can achieve a deeper understanding of ourselves, our history and our neighbor.

Our exhibition team consists of: Geeta Shirole, Niyati Vakil, Riya Lulla, Ameera Khorakiwalla, Maithili Goradia, Shruti Sharma, Noosheen Mehta.


Citizens for Peace

Citizens for Peace (CfP), a volunteer group based in Mumbai, is a non- political organization that was formed in response to the violence that ravaged Mumbai in 1992-93. We came together to reaffirm Mumbai's cosmopolitan ethos and liberal, enlightened tradition. We believe that while there will always be differences between people – of belief, culture, values and religion – the way to settle these differences is through open dialogue and respect for the rule of law.

In different ways over the years, we have worked to spread the message of peace and unity in diversity.

Our Advisory Board consists of – Mr. Julio Rebeiro, Mr. B.G Deshmukh, Mr. Shyam Benegal, Ms Anu Aga, Dr. Sudhir Kakar, Mr. Cyrus Guzder and Mr. Yogendra Yadav

Our Trustees are – Mr. Titoo Ahluwalia, Mr. Tariq Ansari, Ms Dolly Thakore, Mr. Dilip D'souza, Ms Rajni Bakshi, Ms Rina Kamath, Ms Deveika Bhojwani and Ms. Pervin Varma.

CfP’s Executive Director is Ms Gulan Kripalani.

For more details on our work and programmers, please visit www.citizensforpeace.in


Citizens Archive of Pakistan

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) is a society dedicated to Cultural and Historic Preservation. CAP is a non-profit, volunteer organization formed to foster, protect and promote the culture and history of Pakistan. Our projects aim to document, preserve and interpret the country's history.

CAP has focused its attention on the tradition of oral story-telling in Pakistan. Our archives, exhibits and galleries change and grow as our understanding grows, and we endeavour to share our knowledge in original and exciting ways. Our archives provide a treasure trove of information for researchers and students through the stories that are preserved here.

Our vision is to develop CAP as the foremost library and museum of Pakistani history, art, photography, culture, literature and historical documentation demonstrating the strength and spirit of Pakistan from the perspective of a citizen

Please visit http://www.citizensarchive.org